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House hunting guide in Saigon

Posted by jeanseb on February 17, 2023

What should you pay attention to?

1. Location: Consider the neighbourhood, public transport links, and proximity to amenities.

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The most popular neighborhoods for expats in Ho Chi Minh City are District 1, District 2 and Thao Dien more specifically and District 7. District 1 is the bustling downtown area and the most popular area for expats. It has a variety of bars, restaurants, and entertainment options. Thao Dien in District 2 is a more residential area, with plenty of apartment complexes and villas, as well as parks and green spaces . It is a popular expat area due to its proximity to the city centre and its lively atmosphere. It is also home to many international schools and a variety of restaurants. District 7 or Phu My Hung is a modern, urban area located in district 7 of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It is an upscale residential and commercial area, with a wide range of luxurious apartments and villas for rent, high-end restaurants and shopping malls, and a variety of international and local businesses. The area is well-known for its modern infrastructure and green spaces, with plenty of parks, lakes, and green areas. It is also home to the Crescent Mall, a large shopping complex, and the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center. According to the Phu My Hung website, the area has a “vibrant and friendly atmosphere” and is “a unique destination for a variety of activities

2. Price: Research the local market prices for comparable properties to ensure you are getting a good deal.

Rental prices for apartments in Ho Chi Minh City vary depending on the size, location and amenities of the apartment.

Generally, prices range from around $400-$1,500 per month. According to Numbeo, the median monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Ho Chi Minh City is around $440, while a 3 bedroom apartment costs about $900 per month. According to Expatistan, the median monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is about $380, while a 3 bedroom apartment costs around $990. According to Vietnamvisa, the monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment is around $400, while a 3 bedroom apartment costs approximately $1,100. But apartments in the more modern buildings with western standards will be probably double the price. 


Rental prices for villas in HCMC can vary widely depending on the size and location of the villa. Below are some sources where you can find rental prices for villas in HCMC:

Living in Vietnam:

Vietnam Real Estate:

Vietnam Home:

Vietnam Property:


3. Lease terms and deposit: Make sure the lease terms are reasonable and that you understand the legal implications of the contract.

The lease terms in Vietnam vary depending on the type of lease agreement. Generally, rental agreements are for a fixed period of 12 months, although agreements can be shorter or longer. The tenant is usually responsible for paying a deposit, which is typically two months rent in advance. The tenant is also responsible for paying rent on the agreed date each month, as well as any incurred utilities costs (such as electricity, water, and gas). The landlord may also require the tenant to pay a maintenance fee. In addition, the tenant is responsible for any damage caused to the property during their lease period.

4. Maintenance: Ask about the maintenance policy, and make sure the property will be kept in good condition.

Generally speaking, in Vietnam, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the property in good condition throughout the rental period, including providing necessary repairs and maintenance. In addition, it is common for the tenant to be responsible for regular cleaning and minor maintenance such as changing light bulbs and fuses. In some cases, the landlord may require the tenant to take out a home insurance policy to cover any damage caused by the tenant.

5. Utilities: Ask about the cost of utilities and make sure they are included in the rent.

1. Electricity: The normal price is around VND 2,400 per kWh – Expect 35-60 USD for a 60m2 apartment for 2 people with normal use of AC. 

2. Water (non drinkable): VND 30,000 50,000 per month  for a small apartment (if you own a swimming pool it’s a different story..)

3. Internet: VND 250,000 600,000 per month

4. Garbage collection: VND 20,000 50,000 per month

5. Gas: VND 70,000 120,000 per month

On a side note if you are interested in the cost of living in Saigon, you can consult this page:

6. Ask for an inventory list: Ask about any additional furniture or appliances that are be included in the rent

It is essential to have an apartment checklist to ensure that tenants and landlords know what items are inside the apartment and their condition. This way, it is possible to avoid any potential risks and start living comfortably. A checklist allows for an easy way to remember all the equipment, furniture, and their condition inside the apartment. It is an invaluable tool to ensure that tenants and landlords have a good understanding of what‘s inside the apartment. Go with your agent or the owner room by room to check all items. 

8. Safety and security of your house

There is less chances to have theft problem when renting an apartment in HCMC. If you opt for renting a house, although the situation is better than it used to be, it is important to take safety precautions.

1. Research the area. Research the area you are planning to rent in to make sure it is safe and secure bu asking other renters in that area.

2. Use reputable rental companies that will give you an honest feedback or history of the place.

3. Ask questions. Ask the landlord or rental company about any safety features the property might have, such as security cameras . In general, make sure all lock on doors and windows are good and make sure to always lock all doors and windows when you are away from the property.

6. Eventually you can install a security system or ask the landlord to do it  and keep valuable items secure. 

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