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Kid-Friendly Accommodation in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City

Posted by jeanseb on May 15, 2024

Finding Your Perfect Family-Friendly Apartment in District 2

Looking for a kid-friendly place to stay in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City? This guide highlights apartment buildings with pools, green spaces, and other amenities perfect for families.

Must-Haves for Families

  • Safety First: Pay attention to features like fenced pools, kiddie areas, and security measures when considering each option.
Kid-Friendly Accommodation in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City 7
Kid-Friendly Accommodation in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City 8
Photo of the kid playground at The Vista An Phu
Kid-Friendly Accommodation in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City 9
Tropic Garden indoor play
Masteri Thao Dien apartment for rent

Let’s Explore the Options!

Spacious Living with a Resort Feel (The Vista, Cantavil)

  • Modern 3-bedroom apartments (The Vista) or options ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms (Cantavil)
  • Stunning pools with kiddie areas (both)
  • Playgrounds for young children (The Vista) or a dedicated indoor play area (Cantavil)
  • The Vista: Well-equipped gym, but potential road noise in some units.
  • Cantavil: Convenient amenities like a mini-mart and pizza shop, but limited walkability.

Best option if your budget allows it (APSC compound)

  • Modern 2 and 3-bedroom apartments ranging from $3,500-$5,500
  • Stunning pools, tennis court, skate park,  outdoor play area with sand pit and climbing wall, soft playroom for the youngest ones all in a very safe and green environnent right in the middle of Thao Dien.

Great Value for Space (HAGL and Tropic Garden)

  • HAGL offers large, unfurnished 4-bedroom apartments at a competitive price.
  • HAGL: Unfenced complex.
  • Tropic Garden provides spacious 3-bedroom apartments with a variety of amenities, including a tennis court and soccer field and nice pools for adults AND small kids. There are also a variety of playgrounds indoors and outdoors to keep your little ones busy outside in a safe environment.

Green Space Galore (Riverside and Diamond Island)

  • Most spacious and well-maintained grounds with ample green areas for playing.
  • Upscale Option: Offers the highest rent, may require a larger housing budget.
  • Perfect for Families: Features a well-designed playground, cleaning service, and even a family-friendly restaurant on-site.
  • Diamond Island: Unique island setting with the most extensive outdoor space, pirate boat activities, and an indoor playground.

Bonus Options

  • River Garden: Fosters a close-knit community with a playground and kid-friendly amenities.
  • Masteri Thao Dien: Popular for its central location, large play areas, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Choosing Your Perfect Spot

Consider your priorities! Do you need the most space? A vibrant social scene? Easy access to amenities? This guide equips you to make the best choice for your family’s needs.

Additional Tips

  • It’s wise to view several units before deciding, as decor and upkeep can vary.
  • Factor in transportation costs if a car or motorbike is recommended.

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