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Practical advice on visas, finding a job and a place to live in Vietnam, social and business networks. From Expats to Expats.
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TOPIC: Living in Hai Phong

Re: Living in Hai Phong 5 years 1 week ago #12118

  • Seigan
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I live in Hai Phong not by choice. You will be ripped off by everyone you meet. Officials will rip you off bad. A visa in HP coast $190. Saigon $50. Marriage cost $2000 to $5000. On paper it is $50. A work permit is $1500 and up unless your employer has police connections. Go anywhere in VN but here. The South will treat you better.

Damn man you seem to have been ripped of big time! It seems that you got the "Tay ngo price" on everything and are quite bitter over it. But yes; many times you need to "grease the engine" here in order to work smoothly with officials either by having the right connections or pay the more expensive price (but you can also get lucky as VN is trying to decrease it's corruption). That is btw how it works for all Vietnamese people in the whole country so it is nothing unique for HP. And sure if you find yourself in the hands of the police you might have been treated better in Hanoi or HCMC as a westerner as I guess they don't give a damn where you are from in HP. However I have been in the hands of the police in HCMC at one time with just a few contacts in the city and that wasn't that pleasant experience either I can say (in the end it solved it self to the best thought).

Peoples Committees in HP has a very bad rep even within among it citizens. However I feel that ordinary folks do not rip you off as much as they do in the tourist dense cities (I have been more ripped off in Hanoi then in HP). But sure you need most of the time to negotiate the price and have you eyes and head with you - as always. And if you are a westerner you will always get a higher price to start with no matter where you are. Learn how to say: "Daaamn thats to expensive!! I work here so I know the prices - give me the correct price!" in Vietnamese and it will do wonders for you everywhere in Vietnam :)

We try to skip all "official business" in HP such as visa applications etc and we take that in Hanoi instead or we do it through connections - that way we decrease the amount obstacles we have to face. If you for example do a visa application in HP they have to send it to Hanoi anyway as the immigration board is located there and that will, of course, cost you extra. We also try to skip as many payed middlehands or agents to do the work for you as they will try to rip you off. Even one that say that they do it for free might say it cost a higher price and then take a cut for them selves - had the same experience in Hanoi and HCMC too so that is not unique for HP either.

The South will treat you better.
Probably true as you will get special treatment because you are a foreigner and there is a much bigger expat community there.

Notice people will not publicly comment about HP who live here?
What do you mean? I live here and I post comments publicly.
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Re: Living in Hai Phong 4 years 7 months ago #12962

  • anne452
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Hi Candy,

We are looking for a part time teaching. You can email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Re: Living in Hai Phong 10 months 6 days ago #14377

  • Khuyen
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This is Khuyen, female Vietnamese, 29 years old.
I'm coming to Hai Phong this Dec 21 and spend 1 month there before come back to my hometown in Thai Binh for Tet.

I don't know exactly where will I live yet, still looking for a suitable place. (If you know one, inform me).

I don't have particular business/work to do in Hai Phong. I work for 1-2 Clients online so I can continue that work. The time in Hai Phong, I want to spend time with something I enjoy to do, like writing, or spend time to understand myself, discover the city.

I also want to socialize, meet new people, which is the reason I'm writing here.

So I want to enjoy conversation with people over coffee/meal/hang out in Hai Phong. No particular requirement, just if you feel good to meet.

About me:
I have education background in engineering, worked in white collar job until Mar 2014, then resigned thoroughly.
Although many times the idea of returning to job still come back, but I'm fortunate on my journey of freelancing/entrepreneurship.

I've worked as business assistance for foreign business people in Vietnam since Mar 2015, but now I'm looking for something which feed my soul more, perhaps journalism, biography writing or story-telling, sharing.

Leave me a comment or send me a message or email me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to meet up!
I'm also considering for a group meet up.
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